Robert Ortiz - Stage Right Coffee Co.

My interest in coffee began as a way to explore new cities while on the road. Throughout my lengthy career in the music industry I’ve had the good fortune of sampling great coffee from around the world. My love of coffee led me to start asking baristas about how different varieties of coffee, methods of roasting, and growing regions affected flavors. I found that asking questions about coffee served me well. Soon I was crafting pour-overs for myself at my workstation on the right side of the stage before concerts. The artists and the road crew I worked with took notice and began asking for “stage right coffee” (aka. coffee made by me).

Stage Right Coffee Company brings the D.I.Y. independence and creativity I learned in the 80’s and 90’s music scene to the world of coffee. In the indie music scene back then, the music I listened to couldn’t be bought from major labels. The music was as creative, dark, or colorful as you wanted it to be because it was yours. I want Stage Right Coffee Company to incorporate the same ethos, with each curated blend being like an individual artist or album on a small record label.

Stage Right Coffee Co.